...He found you lost and guided you (93:7)

wish list

I'm an active daydreamer, ironically I used to dream things up few moments before I nod off every night. lol! Things doesn't always go my way but live life with best in everything. 

Keep dreaming & be sincere to yourself

Dream [plus] persistent Effort [plus] Tawakkal

As a Muslimah, continuously I pray....
Perform Hajj once in a lifetime,the least
Perform Umrah (with my parents,family)
Cover my aurah, perfectly 
Shield my heart from ujub,riak,takabbur
Given chances to be a dutiful daughter, loyal wife, lovely mother.

Personal Wishlist
Do babysitting at a nursery
Become part time "Cikgu"
Loss weight before further study (UNACCOMPLISHED)
Adapt with public transports-rapidKL-LRT
Taken by engagement- Sept 2014  13/9/14
Ended my "Miss" title-2015
Be an Advance Speed Reader (1000 words &above/min)
Acquired TPM UiTM's Scholarship
Double Master's study (Environmental Engineering & Business Engineering) Graduate On Time -2016
Present my Master's degree project at a conference/seminar International -2016 (UNACCOMPLISHED)
Write AT LEAST one paper on my Master's degree project-2016
Commence PhD's study (Waster Water) overseas [plus] MyFamily - 2020
Complete PhD's study Graduate On Time- 2024

Malicious Wishlist
Get a driving licences (UNACCOMPLISHED)
Own a car 
Put braces on
Own a durable,good handbag
OnePlusOne Smartphone  7/10/14

Fly Away with Me
Umrah - Mekah, Madinah - before 30 ...
Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya, Pahang
Hiking Broga Hill
Bosnia and Herzegovina
USA Colorado .. for the 2nd time with my future husband :)
Niagara Falls NY,USA

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