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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hi! Im a Mary Jardin Agent~

Assalamualaikum & Hai

2017 & a fresh start it is.
So without further a due, I would like to share with you that I am now officially one of the agent for Mary Jardin skincare? It's lovely as it sounds and most importantly, I love its organic and natural ingredients which is truly important nowadays. Have you ever heard of Mary Jardin :) ?


Mary Jardin is a brand founded by a medical doctor that specializes in natural and organic skin care apothecary. They take pride in combining nature and science to create a cutting edge skincare formulation and bring you SAFE, EFFECTIVE, and luxorious skin care yet affordable.

Mary Jardin is dedicated to your skin's health and vitality. As they continue to grow in popularity, rest assured that they are dedicated that the quality is still at its finest. Using only premium ingredients in the product, their lovely handcrafted Lavender Garden skincare range promises to deliver Lavender from the wilderness to your skin.

The name Mary Jardin is dedicated to the founder's which Mary is Dr Maryam Al Batul's name while Jardin means Garden in French. The combination of these two are great as it seems like an International brand. Not to mention, the packaging of these products are beautiful as well. Really melt my heart. 

I just started to re-born my blog, so stay with me as I talk you to walk in our Mary Jardin lavender Garden. Will updates on here frequently about Mary Jardin. Sooon..

Till next time...

p/s: Mary Jardin is open for dropship agent, kindly drop comment below if you're interested :)

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