...He found you lost and guided you (93:7)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

one step to everything


Finally, I've done with my postgraduate registration last Saturday. Alhamdulillah, now Im a Master of Science (Environmental Engineering) students from UiTM Shah Alam. Im aware of my current status as I registered. 2 years of study. 1 special semester in Germany. Need to report myself to board of UiTM as soon as I ended my study and get ready to be posted at any UiTM branches. 7 years bond. It's commencing Najwa.

In fact as I registered myself, my BFF a.k.a soulmate is now "registered" as Mrs. Nur Ain :) Married to my also long time best friend, Nazreen. I was overwhelmed to witnesses their union. Barakallah.

sudah lebih kurang 5 tahun tak bersua dengan sahabar-sahabat PASUM 08/09
(Dari Kiri: Kak Mira, saya, Diba, Pengantins: Nazreen&Ain, Ell, Ati)

It took me over one year to catch one of my dreams...TPM UiTM
I pray to tag along my other "dreams" as well as I move on.

   Marry to someone I dearly love~
       Perform umrah for the 1st time~
           Settle down as a lecturer~


I pray a lot on fancy things...but above ALL, I pray to stay close to You, ya Robb

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

chill lah!


For nearly one year, I have been asked, frequently with same questions regarding my so called future planning. Dreams. Studies.

Some were well comprehend regarding the where about, few were creating judgments over it.

It's ok.

InshaAllah, good thought is always a prayer.

I wanna be a lecturer.

And this channel I choose, and indeed given from Allah, requires me to "wait" for a year.

Allah has chosen me over thousands of application so, I think I shouldn't really bothered by people's presumption on me.

Such trials enables me to purify my intention, really hard.

There is so many things to be grateful of. Alhamdulillah.

Chill lah! Allah ada. Smile :)

p/s: macam semut hitam di malam hari..itulah ikhlas Najwa