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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ramadhan Hope


A beautiful, soothing excerpt from Sister Yasmin Mogahed's writing, Reclaim Your Heart moved me really hard. May Allah rewards her abundantly for her good deeds. Ameen.


Allah is the owner of mercy, and there is no time when that mercy is showered more upon us than in the blessed month of Ramadhan. The Prophet has said regarding Ramadhan: 

Its beginning is mercy, its middle is forgiveness, and its ending is liberation from the Hellfire
(Ibn Khuzaymah)

Every moment of Ramadhan is a chance to come back to Allah. Whatever we are now going through in our lives is often direct results of our own actions.

If we are humiliated, or feel low, it is our own sins which have lowered us. It is only by Allah we can ever hope to be elevated. If we are consistently unable to wake up for Fajr, or if we find it increasingly difficult to stay away from Haram (the forbidden), we must examine our relationship with Allah. 

Most of all, we must never be deceived.

We must never allow ourselves to think that anything in the world; succeeds, fails, is given, taken, done, or undone without Allah. It is only by our connection to out Creator that we rise or fall in life, in our relationship with our world-and with all of humanity. 

But unlike humanity, our Creator never hold grudges. Imagine receiving a clean slate. Imagine having everything you ever regret doing erased.


A new day is always a blank page. New story.
A chance for sinner to seek forgiveness. 
For every scars formed is a lesson. 
Owh my ILL Heart, Hold on a little well, let's purify our intention, brace for a light of hope. 
Be thankful for your "protected" sins because there will always a place for sinner, in front of the Creator. 
He knows All. Be thankful Najwa, He loves you...still. Alhamdulillah... 

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