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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

owh my snowy flower


I was reading an article on Japanese flower (bunga Jepun) in a column from a newspaper. I found out Japanese flower is easy to be taken care of and in fact amazingly blooms in the morning before closing back by evening. I have seen such flower before but haven't got a clue it was known as Japanese flower. Colourful. Wildly grown near drain where I first saw them.

Here's I started to share my day dreaming (...again) with Mok:

"Mok nanti dalae bilik kakak kat rumah sewa belajar nanti, kakak nok letok pokok bunga Ros Jepun la.. cantik..mudah dijaga...and so on...cantik ado nature dalam bilik...letak kat birai tingkap"

"Memang mudoh dijaga & mudoh nak tanam. Guna keratan batang pokok dia, cucuk kat tanah, cepat tumbuhnyo"

Mok never bored listening to my day dreaming. Always supportive as ever! Eventhough I have no idea nak letak kat mana laa pokok bunga ni atas tanah,dalam bilik? Kononnya nak buat ala-ala mat saleh, ada flowery plants dalam rumah.

bunga rose jepung

After a while then, I figured out this more incredibly, mesmerizing creature. 
It was claimed to last up to 10 years!
No need for extra care, not even bother to deal with fertilizer as such.  This flower akin with the Japanese rose in a way of blooming aspects. Except that for this flower you have to make it wet in order to make it closed, then bloom when its dried. tadaa introducing...Snowy flower!! Facts related as depicted:

comes in a variety way of decoration...lovely!!
Through further digging, I just know that such plants yang mat saleh suka letak dalam rumah, tumbuhan renek as such was named as terrarium plants. Actually it's really a giant tranquillity to the eyes to have green plants within our vicinity. Extra credits for its minimal care, easy to grow features, I bet this would be my next hobby to be. Let's see if I can get myself over it. :)

In the meantime, Snowy flowers, so adorable you are, be my study companion will you? *wink* *wink* :)

p.s: passed my JPJ computer test! Alhamdulillah