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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tenaga Pengajar Muda UiTM 2014: The Workshop


Recently, UiTM happened to conduct a 2 day workshop for their scholars-to-be candidates. It was held at Dewan Sri Budiman, UiTM Shah Alam on 14/4/14. They said it was compulsory for us to attend, so I went there to catch things up together with a friend, Radin Hazimah, also a TPM's scholar-to-be whom I personally befriended during my foundation time, 4 years back.

So, apparently this workshop was indeed an important ones.

It's basically, a wake up call for us to prepare all documents needed for that scholarship application as well as study purposes. After all, most of these TPM scholars-to-be were either fresh graduates around my age or working folks who wanted to swift their career path, so things are pretty little left out. Without realizing that clock is ticking, none or less had been done. Majority goes by that way. Indifferently, I already completed up to 70% of it. Hahaha  something really fuels me up to that extend.

I must admitted though, a lifetime dream, family's, friend's & loves one's support, does ignites inner me.

stay imagining

Up till this date, there's still about 4 months plus before upcoming semester begin. Most were looking forward this September intake. For TPM's, the scholarship will expired on the 30th September 2014, for Staff's scholarship on 31th December 2014.

Alternately, there's few slots of motivation, general talk about SLAB/SLAI and TPM stuff throughout the first day of the workshop. But in the end, I think the 2nd day lies all the important remarks that we've should be taking care of. 

1) Need to go for IELTS (Minimum band-Local: 5.0, Overseas:6.5)...[ticked]
2) University offers ready within scholarship span..... [ticked]
3) Do medical check-ups....  early May
3) Return filled documents (UiTM's scholar's form) to faculty.... mid May
4) Those who were getting an overseas ticket need to settle sorts of stuff : Attend BTN, Tax clearance...etc upon commencing study.

And most important thing to prepare (bear in mind) is to begin with an END in MIND

I've gained a new aspiration from this seminar. Several lecturers, generally the PhD's holder had shared their ups and down experience completing the so called highest degree of studies. What inspires me was that they were all married at that time. There is this lecturer, a mother of 6, yet she manage to get it through her studies. Every path will have its own tribulations, but its the way thing being handled essence the most. She added, partners play a pivotal role in understanding the wife's needs and to help her in following her dreams can be translated by taking actions through deep understanding.

Najwa, you're about to embark an awaited quest.
                  Mixed feeling.
                                                 There's a lot things to do right from the start. Just keep swimming~Dory~
                                                     Ease and bless me throughout the way..Amin.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

blissfulness is....

Blissfulness is when I found.....

The Greatest "love" It's a roller coaster ride in this buffer zone of life Lord, ease our way through your Greatest Love....

Amin Ya Robb...