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Friday, March 28, 2014

Tenaga Pengajar Muda UiTM 2014: The Interview


{19 November 2013}


I was in waiting for my next class when I was surprised with an incoming email. I was a substitute BM teacher at my Mok's school back then. Literally I cant hide how grateful I am to be called for TPM interview for Masters degree. I've been yearned for this call quite a time. 

Getting this interview was a golden opportunity for me. Well at least I have the chance to be "seen" for an interview.

Basically, TPM (stands for Tenaga Pengajar Muda) is a scholarship not only sponsors for those who favours to extend their studies for a 2nd degree, plus in return upon succeeding with Masters/PhD, get bonded with UiTM as lecturer for 7 years. Likewise in the past, this TPM scholarship is highly competitive. Despite of its new eligibility for this year application which required those who obtain cgpa > 3.5 and above for degree holder. 

And really need to mention this, that scholarships opens for any students regardless from which university, not necessarily from UiTM. I, myself graduated from UMT. Privileges for UiTM students is they get to apply for the scholarship at their final semester of study while not applicable for others.

Prior for this year intake, only certain course/field were advertised. Actually, my field of interest, which is on Waste Water Technology (precisely on waste to energy recovery) is not available. The most alike course offered was Water Resources Engineering, also an extension from environmental field I'm taking during my 1st degree, somehow more on water instead of waste water.

But then, this is life. 
When we are given things we never thought of it & instead of what we really want.. accept it.
When it's about being brave enough to be a risk taker..just do it.
And sufficient faith to move things over.
All praises to Al-Mighty for the plans He puts on.

I know He will always give the best in me. He does, all the time. 

credit:  FB Nour Academy

So, on that interview day, we (me, my parents, along with 3 of my siblings) went to UiTM Shah Alam. Since we're not used to this place, we decided to be there at our earliest time. It was such supportive of them to keep me company. Both of my parents take a day leave, and my sibs were on their semester break. Surprisingly, it wasn't only me that brought their "supporters" along. There's a brother at his late 20's was seen with his wife and a toddler. I also saw there's another candidate with her brother. Well accepted that family's support does fire up one's spirit to do their best!

From the list disseminated in the email I got, there were only 6 candidates that we're short-listed. All female. My name was the last one. 

Stepped into the seminar room, of course my heart pounded hardly, nervousness. And so I was reminded by  the panel, that the interview comprises of 2 sessions. The first was a Mock Teaching followed by a formal interview session by panels (three of them). 

Mock Teaching
MT went on smoothly. Even though I was reminded by one of panels to talk at a slower pace. Haha. I tend to talk fast when Im nervous actually. Because of my deepest interest, I still opted waste water technology topic for my MT. Extra confident is essential because you can imagine what it's like to pretend teaching as a lecturer in front of the experts itself! Luckily no backfire or as such happened. All they (panel) did was some facial expression. 

 For MT, it doesn't necessarily has be a complex/complicated topic, any topic would be fine as the main purposes of MT is to assess one's ability in teaching skills. So, choose a well comprehend topic of yours to be presented and make sure you really have that passion and skills in teaching.  

Interview with Panels

I had experience a few scholarships interviews, and I think this one was the most relax, coolest interview. There were few provocations but not that harsh or too much as I experienced before. 3 panels whom I recognized 2 of them held positions in the faculty, and one of them was the Head of Department for Water Resources Engineering. I know such infos, after  spending few days skimming through FCE's website as my preparation for the interview. Few interview questions were asked:

"kalau awak dapat scholarship ni nak belajar kat mana? Nak ke masuk UiTM ni?"

"saya dah dapat beberapa unconditional offer letter dari UK's uni, kalau ditaja ke luar, saya terima, dapat UiTM pun saya bersyukur. Sebab saya tahu UiTM S.Alam pun ada prominent experts in this field"

"ye...kee.siapa ye so called prominent experts tu?"

without a second doubt, I pointed at the Head of Department,  Dr. Marfiah and the other one Dr. Wardah. Plus I also mentioned a few name that came across my mind. They nodded. Seems "unsatisfied" with my prompt response.

"after awak habis belajar, kami akan campak awak mengajar kat mana2 UiTM tau, bukan mengajar kat sini (Uitm S.Alam). Selalunya kami hantar ke Sarawak. Awak ni nanti dpt scholarship, kahwin ( ok she got me on this) lepas tu dapat Sarawak, minta pengurusan tukar laa"

"inshaAllah saya akan cuba buat yang terbaik, sekiranya ditawarkan"

"awak akan bond perjanjian dgn UiTM selama 7 tahun. 7 tahun tuu lama, duduk kat Sarawak. Kalau dah kahwin, mmg susah awak ni"

I took a long pause. Figuring out what's the best reply for this one.

" sebagai orang Islam, saya wajib patuh pada janji yang dibuat pada saat awal saya menerima tawaran ini. inshaAllah"

Sounds like I easily said it, and so they gave me that look. As if I was making sweet promises. But deep inside, I really mean it. It is a huge responsibility for me to abide the agreement soon to be made. I have faith, that whoever tried their best to fulfil their promise will be helped by Allah. 

As soon as I leave the hall, I leave it all to Allah. 

{19 January 2014}

I am now working as a Research Assistant at United Nations University-IIGH, in HUKM for almost a month. On one fine day, Allah had granted me with...

Alhamdulillahilladzi bine’matihi tatimmushshalihaat
"Praise be to Allah, with Him all the good pleasure to be perfect"

For Mok, Ayoh, Tok Ayoh, Mamatok, Abelong, Jah, J, Najah, Sarah, Mukhlis, Ayh Su, Su'ti, Naz, Ain, and all my friends, zillion thanks for endlessly making du'a for me. This is my first time getting a study scholarship. Alhamdulillah. 

There is still a long way to go. InshaAllah this September, 1 and a half year to go, re-read in Water Resources Engineering. May Allah provide me with strength to cope with my future study and future planning. Amin... 

p/s: I pray to reach another milestone within my study period.amin


  1. Seyes lama dah tak bukak blog..then take a look at ur blog...wauuuuu..i'm really in suprizzzzed..thinking of many thingsss that i had left behind..anyway....congratulation for the jobb...and all the best for the stdy..may Allah make our ways be ease :)

  2. There's nothing updated so far laah yam..of course I will let you know if there is..Thank you Yam, need to further study first.a looooonnngggg wayyyyy to go. amin ya Robb :)

  3. Assalamualaikum

    Looks like we are in the same boat .both your panels are my supervisor and co-supervisor.wishing you all the best in your study.

    1. Waalaikumussalam sis :) really?means we are in the same faculty. I also pray for the best of you. Are you doing Master or Phd?

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  5. assalamualaikum... thanks for this entry, sis. dalam pjalanan untuk continue studies lagi. doakan saya ye :)

    1. Waalaikummussalam,
      Good luck n niat utk blja ni krna mdptkan ilmu Allah y luas ni :)

  6. Salam sis. Nk tny, u did ur MT in english or mix ye? N IV tu mmg depa tny in malay ea? Cool seyh if boleh mix. Hehe

    1. Wassalam sis, during IV in English. Even if been asked in Malay, kite mntk izin dlu utk jwb Malay. Dia kate ok, kite reply Malay tp tu pun utk part tu. Then speaking balik :) Yg penting confident in giving responds.

  7. MasyaAllah..such an inspiring blog.. Serius sis, i am really interested in it..tp sy baru part 2 degree....science admin..
    Actually, now im lookinh for target.. Mane nk capai dulu..seriously, sy rase mcm akak ni mmg awwesome ar..i nk tanye, tpm ni ade x dia antar.blaja kt oversea and ape course y available kt oversea?

    1. Salam. Alhamdulillah, semua yg baik itu dari Allah. Baguslah if awak dah ada minat dari awal. It's way better to start dreaming about your future in terms of your study NOW and work for it. Begin with an end in mind :) It wont be as easy as we thought, but setiap kali ade cabaran, think again, "why, what do we really WANT". Betulkan niat, semoga Allah permudahkan. Ade fakulti hantar TPM scholars oversea, ade local. As for me, I did here in uitm, but an exchange program in Germany next year.

  8. Terima kasih kerana sudi berkongsi pengelaman temuduga tpm UiTM ni. Tahniah kerana berjaya mendapat biasiswa Tenaga Pengajar Muda UiTM, bukan senang, rezeki tu.