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Monday, March 3, 2014

Kek Batik Kakak

Introducing kek batik kakak.
Among my siblings favorite savories, highly requested when most of us were around.
Why "kakak" ???
Because I, the so called kakak of la familia, always alter the recipe in my own desire. Adding/lessen any ingredient which necessary, as long as the taste is preserved.
And most obviously because it is a signatured of mine. :D
Ola-ola, so here's what we need to prepare beforehand:
250 g butter
1 tin of evaporated milk
250g of Milo
1 pack of Marie Biscuits 
1) Heat up the butter using light flame.
2) Pour the evaporated milk into the butter (stir them evenly)
3) Add Milo (little by little) and continue even stirring to ensure no clogging of Milo.
4) Put 1/2 cracked Marie biscuits per piece into the mixture prepared (under no flame).
5) Using a square tupperware/container, compact the mixture in it with desireable thinkness.
Extra info:
- I use evaporated milk instead of condensed milk because I dont want my kek batik ended up super duper sweet. Sweet is the maker not the food ;)

tadaaaa.... (credit: Google)

Actually, I post this out so that I would not bother to Google again when in need. Ocassionally made it, so havent really remember the recipe. Really am, not a good chef at all.

Happy trying folks :)

it takes time...will you wait?
p/s- ost: immortal love song (lately immerse with this song, just bear with me)


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