...He found you lost and guided you (93:7)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

my duo-zero-satu-three

DISCLAIMER: This post has been written in 2013 but due to severe procrastination, it showed up in 2014
hehe nevermind

2013 has nearly come to its end.
    Well, good times really flies!
    This year has mean a lot for me.

I noticed that I have not update my blog quite well. My 2013 welcoming post is only about 9 post away from this one. Obviously, there are many things happened in the reality side that made me less seen virtually here, I guess. hehe

As I look back, I cant help myself from feeling blessed and humbly gratitude for what Allah has bestow me. I pray that for every quest He placed me onto, will grant me His rahmah and bring me closer to Him. Indeed, for every path He destined, either good or bad according to my eyes, it is what's the best for me. Growing "older" had making me realized the exact meaning of the word best is. It is something which we may like/dislike but Allah shall proposed something that will sooner, in the end help us to get close to Him. Allah loves us so much as He would not bear something we can not endure yet He do not want us to go astray. InshaAllah. I am still a learner and as long as live, I will always be. Stumbling servant struggled.

2013 was a tough year for me yet I have learned tremendously from it. Why now (twenty-thirteen) not then? Different people have different struggle, different awaken time so I must say mine is this one. I learn how to be resilience, learn to revamp my relationship with my God, learn to involved Him as my decision maker. Solely like the way Prophet Zakariya did as was written in surah Maryam. I read this surah so many times before but just now Allah "touch" my heart with His guidance. This surah has become my "companion" for most of the hard days.

And indeed, 2013 had taught me to be "myself"

After all, what matters the most is so that all of our affairs should excellently help us to reach one purpose. 

To worship Him.
And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me

Well, here is a recap of the list of my meaningful 2013. Let the picture do the talk. 

1) Graduated in Bachelor of Technology (Environment) from UMT

my backbones, continuous dua feeder

2) Attended 4th University Scholars Symposium Manila, Philippines

                                                   a bird plane view of Metropolitan Manila- overpopulated country

chit chat with a brilliant boy in the making, J.C

Voluntary work- reading a Tagalog story book for the kids. Their mother language in terms of pronunciation and spelling is quite similar with Malay. English diorang, tak yah cakap, mmg power!

it's more fun in the Philippines..exactly..but

3) Novel Research Innovation Competition (NRIC), USM Penang

the judging moment- simple poster, less props, more provocation I dont expect much

then, won myself a Silver Award for my research study @NRIC 2013

the UMT team

Classmates (Mizah & Amalina): their project on development of fibre as replacement for polymers in plastic was interesting

Classmates (Kasem, Zarol, Mar):  the three musketeer

Basically, my 2013 was mostly about my study and university live that have come to an end. It was refreshing and one of the most memorable series of life I ever been through.Thank you Allah, for guiding me all the way.I pray that I will be a better person and wiser enough to face much more challenging life event. Hoping for a blessfull year ahead. amin
Haaza min fadhli robbi
Indeed this is by the grace of Allah

p/s: my 2014 kick off surprisingly pretty well, thank you Allah. And verily, He is the ONE that control one's heart.