...He found you lost and guided you (93:7)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

one step to everything


Finally, I've done with my postgraduate registration last Saturday. Alhamdulillah, now Im a Master of Science (Environmental Engineering) students from UiTM Shah Alam. Im aware of my current status as I registered. 2 years of study. 1 special semester in Germany. Need to report myself to board of UiTM as soon as I ended my study and get ready to be posted at any UiTM branches. 7 years bond. It's commencing Najwa.

In fact as I registered myself, my BFF a.k.a soulmate is now "registered" as Mrs. Nur Ain :) Married to my also long time best friend, Nazreen. I was overwhelmed to witnesses their union. Barakallah.

sudah lebih kurang 5 tahun tak bersua dengan sahabar-sahabat PASUM 08/09
(Dari Kiri: Kak Mira, saya, Diba, Pengantins: Nazreen&Ain, Ell, Ati)

It took me over one year to catch one of my dreams...TPM UiTM
I pray to tag along my other "dreams" as well as I move on.

   Marry to someone I dearly love~
       Perform umrah for the 1st time~
           Settle down as a lecturer~


I pray a lot on fancy things...but above ALL, I pray to stay close to You, ya Robb

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

chill lah!


For nearly one year, I have been asked, frequently with same questions regarding my so called future planning. Dreams. Studies.

Some were well comprehend regarding the where about, few were creating judgments over it.

It's ok.

InshaAllah, good thought is always a prayer.

I wanna be a lecturer.

And this channel I choose, and indeed given from Allah, requires me to "wait" for a year.

Allah has chosen me over thousands of application so, I think I shouldn't really bothered by people's presumption on me.

Such trials enables me to purify my intention, really hard.

There is so many things to be grateful of. Alhamdulillah.

Chill lah! Allah ada. Smile :)

p/s: macam semut hitam di malam hari..itulah ikhlas Najwa

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ramadhan Dream

Actually it has something to do with my future, people within my future, and what I really...really...really.. dream of in my future. I once thought of kaust before in order to get that "dream", then I let go because I was accepted with tpm scholarship at a local university.

To bond with UiTM, 7 years..
To apply at *** requires minimum of 5 years working experience in-line with bachelor's degree field...

Good things takes time, let's keep on dreaming,putting effort and pray for our best :)
One day Mekkah..One fine day  :)

Berangan sambil berpijak dibumi yang nyata~~

gambar ni saya captured semasa teman adik pergi walk-in interview SL1M Tabung Haji, kt Menara Tabung Haji semalam. Bayangkan berapa ramai yang nak sangat dpt kerja dgn TH . Semua calon-calon ni berpusu-pusu nak masuk pintu dewan (dalam gmbar ke-2) untuk dapat tempat interview. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

TED-Ed: Fresh Water


Here is another captivating video on science from TED, specifically on Fresh Water. Remembered that I once shared a post on Math Magic. With a direct presentation on the facts (covers generally with more on American's) added with simpler graphics, this may help a lot for kids to acquire foundation knowledge on it. Interesting way of learning.

Next on my watch-list is a 2+ hours of collection of Talk to Watch with Kids.


Have I not said that TED programmes is waaay better than idiot box?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ramadhan Hope


A beautiful, soothing excerpt from Sister Yasmin Mogahed's writing, Reclaim Your Heart moved me really hard. May Allah rewards her abundantly for her good deeds. Ameen.


Allah is the owner of mercy, and there is no time when that mercy is showered more upon us than in the blessed month of Ramadhan. The Prophet has said regarding Ramadhan: 

Its beginning is mercy, its middle is forgiveness, and its ending is liberation from the Hellfire
(Ibn Khuzaymah)

Every moment of Ramadhan is a chance to come back to Allah. Whatever we are now going through in our lives is often direct results of our own actions.

If we are humiliated, or feel low, it is our own sins which have lowered us. It is only by Allah we can ever hope to be elevated. If we are consistently unable to wake up for Fajr, or if we find it increasingly difficult to stay away from Haram (the forbidden), we must examine our relationship with Allah. 

Most of all, we must never be deceived.

We must never allow ourselves to think that anything in the world; succeeds, fails, is given, taken, done, or undone without Allah. It is only by our connection to out Creator that we rise or fall in life, in our relationship with our world-and with all of humanity. 

But unlike humanity, our Creator never hold grudges. Imagine receiving a clean slate. Imagine having everything you ever regret doing erased.


A new day is always a blank page. New story.
A chance for sinner to seek forgiveness. 
For every scars formed is a lesson. 
Owh my ILL Heart, Hold on a little well, let's purify our intention, brace for a light of hope. 
Be thankful for your "protected" sins because there will always a place for sinner, in front of the Creator. 
He knows All. Be thankful Najwa, He loves you...still. Alhamdulillah... 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

owh my snowy flower


I was reading an article on Japanese flower (bunga Jepun) in a column from a newspaper. I found out Japanese flower is easy to be taken care of and in fact amazingly blooms in the morning before closing back by evening. I have seen such flower before but haven't got a clue it was known as Japanese flower. Colourful. Wildly grown near drain where I first saw them.

Here's I started to share my day dreaming (...again) with Mok:

"Mok nanti dalae bilik kakak kat rumah sewa belajar nanti, kakak nok letok pokok bunga Ros Jepun la.. cantik..mudah dijaga...and so on...cantik ado nature dalam bilik...letak kat birai tingkap"

"Memang mudoh dijaga & mudoh nak tanam. Guna keratan batang pokok dia, cucuk kat tanah, cepat tumbuhnyo"

Mok never bored listening to my day dreaming. Always supportive as ever! Eventhough I have no idea nak letak kat mana laa pokok bunga ni atas tanah,dalam bilik? Kononnya nak buat ala-ala mat saleh, ada flowery plants dalam rumah.

bunga rose jepung

After a while then, I figured out this more incredibly, mesmerizing creature. 
It was claimed to last up to 10 years!
No need for extra care, not even bother to deal with fertilizer as such.  This flower akin with the Japanese rose in a way of blooming aspects. Except that for this flower you have to make it wet in order to make it closed, then bloom when its dried. tadaa introducing...Snowy flower!! Facts related as depicted:

comes in a variety way of decoration...lovely!!
Through further digging, I just know that such plants yang mat saleh suka letak dalam rumah, tumbuhan renek as such was named as terrarium plants. Actually it's really a giant tranquillity to the eyes to have green plants within our vicinity. Extra credits for its minimal care, easy to grow features, I bet this would be my next hobby to be. Let's see if I can get myself over it. :)

In the meantime, Snowy flowers, so adorable you are, be my study companion will you? *wink* *wink* :)

p.s: passed my JPJ computer test! Alhamdulillah

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tenaga Pengajar Muda UiTM 2014: The Workshop


Recently, UiTM happened to conduct a 2 day workshop for their scholars-to-be candidates. It was held at Dewan Sri Budiman, UiTM Shah Alam on 14/4/14. They said it was compulsory for us to attend, so I went there to catch things up together with a friend, Radin Hazimah, also a TPM's scholar-to-be whom I personally befriended during my foundation time, 4 years back.

So, apparently this workshop was indeed an important ones.

It's basically, a wake up call for us to prepare all documents needed for that scholarship application as well as study purposes. After all, most of these TPM scholars-to-be were either fresh graduates around my age or working folks who wanted to swift their career path, so things are pretty little left out. Without realizing that clock is ticking, none or less had been done. Majority goes by that way. Indifferently, I already completed up to 70% of it. Hahaha  something really fuels me up to that extend.

I must admitted though, a lifetime dream, family's, friend's & loves one's support, does ignites inner me.

stay imagining

Up till this date, there's still about 4 months plus before upcoming semester begin. Most were looking forward this September intake. For TPM's, the scholarship will expired on the 30th September 2014, for Staff's scholarship on 31th December 2014.

Alternately, there's few slots of motivation, general talk about SLAB/SLAI and TPM stuff throughout the first day of the workshop. But in the end, I think the 2nd day lies all the important remarks that we've should be taking care of. 

1) Need to go for IELTS (Minimum band-Local: 5.0, Overseas:6.5)...[ticked]
2) University offers ready within scholarship span..... [ticked]
3) Do medical check-ups....  early May
3) Return filled documents (UiTM's scholar's form) to faculty.... mid May
4) Those who were getting an overseas ticket need to settle sorts of stuff : Attend BTN, Tax clearance...etc upon commencing study.

And most important thing to prepare (bear in mind) is to begin with an END in MIND

I've gained a new aspiration from this seminar. Several lecturers, generally the PhD's holder had shared their ups and down experience completing the so called highest degree of studies. What inspires me was that they were all married at that time. There is this lecturer, a mother of 6, yet she manage to get it through her studies. Every path will have its own tribulations, but its the way thing being handled essence the most. She added, partners play a pivotal role in understanding the wife's needs and to help her in following her dreams can be translated by taking actions through deep understanding.

Najwa, you're about to embark an awaited quest.
                  Mixed feeling.
                                                 There's a lot things to do right from the start. Just keep swimming~Dory~
                                                     Ease and bless me throughout the way..Amin.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

blissfulness is....

Blissfulness is when I found.....

The Greatest "love" It's a roller coaster ride in this buffer zone of life Lord, ease our way through your Greatest Love....

Amin Ya Robb...

Saturday, March 29, 2014

#1 rant on love


Love is something that makes you smile when you are tired- Paolo Coelho



In the meantime, I would like to congratulate my one and only brother, Abelong for his marriage. Barakallahulakum for him & Sis Eri. May this marriage guide you both to Jannah.

Up to this moment, I hardly believed you're now married Abelong :(

 after 23 years

welcome to our family Sis Eri :)

p/s: being the number two in the family, all eyes on me

Friday, March 28, 2014

Tenaga Pengajar Muda UiTM 2014: The Interview


{19 November 2013}


I was in waiting for my next class when I was surprised with an incoming email. I was a substitute BM teacher at my Mok's school back then. Literally I cant hide how grateful I am to be called for TPM interview for Masters degree. I've been yearned for this call quite a time. 

Getting this interview was a golden opportunity for me. Well at least I have the chance to be "seen" for an interview.

Basically, TPM (stands for Tenaga Pengajar Muda) is a scholarship not only sponsors for those who favours to extend their studies for a 2nd degree, plus in return upon succeeding with Masters/PhD, get bonded with UiTM as lecturer for 7 years. Likewise in the past, this TPM scholarship is highly competitive. Despite of its new eligibility for this year application which required those who obtain cgpa > 3.5 and above for degree holder. 

And really need to mention this, that scholarships opens for any students regardless from which university, not necessarily from UiTM. I, myself graduated from UMT. Privileges for UiTM students is they get to apply for the scholarship at their final semester of study while not applicable for others.

Prior for this year intake, only certain course/field were advertised. Actually, my field of interest, which is on Waste Water Technology (precisely on waste to energy recovery) is not available. The most alike course offered was Water Resources Engineering, also an extension from environmental field I'm taking during my 1st degree, somehow more on water instead of waste water.

But then, this is life. 
When we are given things we never thought of it & instead of what we really want.. accept it.
When it's about being brave enough to be a risk taker..just do it.
And sufficient faith to move things over.
All praises to Al-Mighty for the plans He puts on.

I know He will always give the best in me. He does, all the time. 

credit:  FB Nour Academy

So, on that interview day, we (me, my parents, along with 3 of my siblings) went to UiTM Shah Alam. Since we're not used to this place, we decided to be there at our earliest time. It was such supportive of them to keep me company. Both of my parents take a day leave, and my sibs were on their semester break. Surprisingly, it wasn't only me that brought their "supporters" along. There's a brother at his late 20's was seen with his wife and a toddler. I also saw there's another candidate with her brother. Well accepted that family's support does fire up one's spirit to do their best!

From the list disseminated in the email I got, there were only 6 candidates that we're short-listed. All female. My name was the last one. 

Stepped into the seminar room, of course my heart pounded hardly, nervousness. And so I was reminded by  the panel, that the interview comprises of 2 sessions. The first was a Mock Teaching followed by a formal interview session by panels (three of them). 

Mock Teaching
MT went on smoothly. Even though I was reminded by one of panels to talk at a slower pace. Haha. I tend to talk fast when Im nervous actually. Because of my deepest interest, I still opted waste water technology topic for my MT. Extra confident is essential because you can imagine what it's like to pretend teaching as a lecturer in front of the experts itself! Luckily no backfire or as such happened. All they (panel) did was some facial expression. 

 For MT, it doesn't necessarily has be a complex/complicated topic, any topic would be fine as the main purposes of MT is to assess one's ability in teaching skills. So, choose a well comprehend topic of yours to be presented and make sure you really have that passion and skills in teaching.  

Interview with Panels

I had experience a few scholarships interviews, and I think this one was the most relax, coolest interview. There were few provocations but not that harsh or too much as I experienced before. 3 panels whom I recognized 2 of them held positions in the faculty, and one of them was the Head of Department for Water Resources Engineering. I know such infos, after  spending few days skimming through FCE's website as my preparation for the interview. Few interview questions were asked:

"kalau awak dapat scholarship ni nak belajar kat mana? Nak ke masuk UiTM ni?"

"saya dah dapat beberapa unconditional offer letter dari UK's uni, kalau ditaja ke luar, saya terima, dapat UiTM pun saya bersyukur. Sebab saya tahu UiTM S.Alam pun ada prominent experts in this field"

"ye...kee.siapa ye so called prominent experts tu?"

without a second doubt, I pointed at the Head of Department,  Dr. Marfiah and the other one Dr. Wardah. Plus I also mentioned a few name that came across my mind. They nodded. Seems "unsatisfied" with my prompt response.

"after awak habis belajar, kami akan campak awak mengajar kat mana2 UiTM tau, bukan mengajar kat sini (Uitm S.Alam). Selalunya kami hantar ke Sarawak. Awak ni nanti dpt scholarship, kahwin ( ok she got me on this) lepas tu dapat Sarawak, minta pengurusan tukar laa"

"inshaAllah saya akan cuba buat yang terbaik, sekiranya ditawarkan"

"awak akan bond perjanjian dgn UiTM selama 7 tahun. 7 tahun tuu lama, duduk kat Sarawak. Kalau dah kahwin, mmg susah awak ni"

I took a long pause. Figuring out what's the best reply for this one.

" sebagai orang Islam, saya wajib patuh pada janji yang dibuat pada saat awal saya menerima tawaran ini. inshaAllah"

Sounds like I easily said it, and so they gave me that look. As if I was making sweet promises. But deep inside, I really mean it. It is a huge responsibility for me to abide the agreement soon to be made. I have faith, that whoever tried their best to fulfil their promise will be helped by Allah. 

As soon as I leave the hall, I leave it all to Allah. 

{19 January 2014}

I am now working as a Research Assistant at United Nations University-IIGH, in HUKM for almost a month. On one fine day, Allah had granted me with...

Alhamdulillahilladzi bine’matihi tatimmushshalihaat
"Praise be to Allah, with Him all the good pleasure to be perfect"

For Mok, Ayoh, Tok Ayoh, Mamatok, Abelong, Jah, J, Najah, Sarah, Mukhlis, Ayh Su, Su'ti, Naz, Ain, and all my friends, zillion thanks for endlessly making du'a for me. This is my first time getting a study scholarship. Alhamdulillah. 

There is still a long way to go. InshaAllah this September, 1 and a half year to go, re-read in Water Resources Engineering. May Allah provide me with strength to cope with my future study and future planning. Amin... 

p/s: I pray to reach another milestone within my study period.amin

Monday, March 3, 2014

Kek Batik Kakak

Introducing kek batik kakak.
Among my siblings favorite savories, highly requested when most of us were around.
Why "kakak" ???
Because I, the so called kakak of la familia, always alter the recipe in my own desire. Adding/lessen any ingredient which necessary, as long as the taste is preserved.
And most obviously because it is a signatured of mine. :D
Ola-ola, so here's what we need to prepare beforehand:
250 g butter
1 tin of evaporated milk
250g of Milo
1 pack of Marie Biscuits 
1) Heat up the butter using light flame.
2) Pour the evaporated milk into the butter (stir them evenly)
3) Add Milo (little by little) and continue even stirring to ensure no clogging of Milo.
4) Put 1/2 cracked Marie biscuits per piece into the mixture prepared (under no flame).
5) Using a square tupperware/container, compact the mixture in it with desireable thinkness.
Extra info:
- I use evaporated milk instead of condensed milk because I dont want my kek batik ended up super duper sweet. Sweet is the maker not the food ;)

tadaaaa.... (credit: Google)

Actually, I post this out so that I would not bother to Google again when in need. Ocassionally made it, so havent really remember the recipe. Really am, not a good chef at all.

Happy trying folks :)

it takes time...will you wait?
p/s- ost: immortal love song (lately immerse with this song, just bear with me)


Sunday, February 9, 2014

TED-ED: Math Magic


I enjoyed watching TED.com videos so much! This channel delivers riveting talks by remarkable people, for free. You can simply browse for numerous  beneficial, informative talks from prominent people in a wide spectrum. I personally get enthralled by few of them for their outstanding performance/experience yet some also presented their creative ideas on something which was such a mind-opener. There's a variety programe by TED where you might also want to look into: TEDx, TEDEd,TEDBooks etc. Some might required yearly fees to access, so by far I prefer to keep update with TED talks.

Watching such videos is way better compared to what mainstream TV's program has offered nowadays I assumed. pfft

Out of many videos from this channel, this one ( actually, there was a lots more!!), grabs my attention tremendously. It's a video on how to do math in a unique technique known as "vedic math". Vedic math is an ancient Indian method, sidesteps traditional computations in a manner that provides a shortcut, while being fun to use and to learn. Desipite of this method is preferable, suitable for basic maths,  I reckon to teach my future kids with math this way inshaAllah hehehe 

Enjoy the show :D

Till then...

p.s: I'm feeling old when I no longer know how to embed youtube video on blog post :(

Saturday, January 11, 2014

my duo-zero-satu-three

DISCLAIMER: This post has been written in 2013 but due to severe procrastination, it showed up in 2014
hehe nevermind

2013 has nearly come to its end.
    Well, good times really flies!
    This year has mean a lot for me.

I noticed that I have not update my blog quite well. My 2013 welcoming post is only about 9 post away from this one. Obviously, there are many things happened in the reality side that made me less seen virtually here, I guess. hehe

As I look back, I cant help myself from feeling blessed and humbly gratitude for what Allah has bestow me. I pray that for every quest He placed me onto, will grant me His rahmah and bring me closer to Him. Indeed, for every path He destined, either good or bad according to my eyes, it is what's the best for me. Growing "older" had making me realized the exact meaning of the word best is. It is something which we may like/dislike but Allah shall proposed something that will sooner, in the end help us to get close to Him. Allah loves us so much as He would not bear something we can not endure yet He do not want us to go astray. InshaAllah. I am still a learner and as long as live, I will always be. Stumbling servant struggled.

2013 was a tough year for me yet I have learned tremendously from it. Why now (twenty-thirteen) not then? Different people have different struggle, different awaken time so I must say mine is this one. I learn how to be resilience, learn to revamp my relationship with my God, learn to involved Him as my decision maker. Solely like the way Prophet Zakariya did as was written in surah Maryam. I read this surah so many times before but just now Allah "touch" my heart with His guidance. This surah has become my "companion" for most of the hard days.

And indeed, 2013 had taught me to be "myself"

After all, what matters the most is so that all of our affairs should excellently help us to reach one purpose. 

To worship Him.
And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me

Well, here is a recap of the list of my meaningful 2013. Let the picture do the talk. 

1) Graduated in Bachelor of Technology (Environment) from UMT

my backbones, continuous dua feeder

2) Attended 4th University Scholars Symposium Manila, Philippines

                                                   a bird plane view of Metropolitan Manila- overpopulated country

chit chat with a brilliant boy in the making, J.C

Voluntary work- reading a Tagalog story book for the kids. Their mother language in terms of pronunciation and spelling is quite similar with Malay. English diorang, tak yah cakap, mmg power!

it's more fun in the Philippines..exactly..but

3) Novel Research Innovation Competition (NRIC), USM Penang

the judging moment- simple poster, less props, more provocation I dont expect much

then, won myself a Silver Award for my research study @NRIC 2013

the UMT team

Classmates (Mizah & Amalina): their project on development of fibre as replacement for polymers in plastic was interesting

Classmates (Kasem, Zarol, Mar):  the three musketeer

Basically, my 2013 was mostly about my study and university live that have come to an end. It was refreshing and one of the most memorable series of life I ever been through.Thank you Allah, for guiding me all the way.I pray that I will be a better person and wiser enough to face much more challenging life event. Hoping for a blessfull year ahead. amin
Haaza min fadhli robbi
Indeed this is by the grace of Allah

p/s: my 2014 kick off surprisingly pretty well, thank you Allah. And verily, He is the ONE that control one's heart.