...He found you lost and guided you (93:7)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Pre NRIC 2013

29th-30th May 2013

It was 8.45 am. The judging session will begin soon by now as it was scheduled at 9.00 a.m. As soon as I reached dewan sultan mizan gaspingly, I began to arrange my props and membrane samples. It was kinda clumsy that morning as I walked with my fastest pace to the hall, with my formal cloth and shoes on.

That shoes..was the one and only formal shoes I have and had wore for most formal purposes for all this time. 

The same old classy one. So, it's kinda funny, and a bit scary when others wore the best, glaring, up to toe attire. I admitted, at first, seeing these people wearing smart clothes and bright colors does scare me as if there were spreading the aura of confidence & competitiveness. Anyhow, I feel  more comfortable and confident walking with my decent look.

To deal with my adrenaline for the upcoming presentation, I spent some time walking around the undergraduate exhibition booth while giving sholawat upon Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Compared with the other participants, they were in the group of 3, but I was  all by myself. The nervousness I feel was pretty similar with the one I felt during my first individual presentation during my freshman year. But then I know, I cant let that feeling overtook me today. Allah has chosen me with the other 21 participants for Pre-NRIC competition was indeed a lucky shoot for me.This competition was held in conjunction to select 11 best projects to represent university for Novel Research Innovation Competition NRIC this August at USM.


After a series of screening session, I gained the trust of the panel to proceed my research project for this competition.

Now, it was the day. I have put my best during the screening, and so this time. It took me by surprised when I was done with my arrangement, one of the panel came by us and remind that the judging session shall begin now. I haven't do any recap on my presentation as I thought there will be some minutes left for a brief practise.

As third presenter, I manage to witnesses the way judges ( three of them) responded to the two group before me which is quite ok, I guess. I didnt' pay much attention on them as I'm much busy fighting against my nervousness. Now,my turn is up. For the first 4 minutes, as I was touching on my objective of studies, Dr. B came out with a query. It was surprisingly a fast reactive respond from her and flashforward I know how Q and A session would be afterwards. As expected, as soon as I end up my presentation,  Dr. B had shoot me with questions regarding my research. Her projecting voice attract attentions of the hall.

Your scope of study is too wide...

you can not compare an APPLE with an ORANGE. It incomparable!

your results is NOT RELIABLE! you can not analyze your results this way!


I was shaken,

Luckily, Alhamdulillah, I manage to put myself together and answered every of her questions confidently. Until one point, that she refused to hear further explanation from me and stay rigid with her stance.

My eyes became teary and I was completely down for few minutes. As if everything I have done for my project throughout one year was worthless. People were staring at me, because of Dr.B's loud voice just now. But then when I think on the brightside, when Dr.B was arguing, querying me, she does pointed out my flaws and DID told me ways to correct them.

At least that effectively soothes me.

Next day, the results will be announced. I hope of nothing because by getting the chance to compete was more than enough for me. I have gained so much experience that taught me tremendous lesson up to this level. It's ok if I dont get the chance to represent my uni for NRIC, perhaps I can do something else while waiting for master admission or work (still in a pending status for these matters).

As the result was announced, it surprise me to hell when I received the Silver Award. The one and only recipient with no gold recipient was chosen for this year competition. Others gained Bronze Award. The award was given based on overall scores of presentation, data representation and also feasibility of the studies conducted. 

It was unexpected yet that was as fated by Allah the Exalted. Allah has substitute tears I shred previously to tears of joy. I now, brace myself for the upcoming NRIC with much more challenging environment, competitive and surely going to be more tougher as it will involve people from various area of industries.  Work to the fullest and always make dua to Allah because we will never know what lies on the other side of the of His wisdom.