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Saturday, June 29, 2013

officially come to an END

Alhamdulillah a'la kullihal

I have finally ended my 1st degree study! 
Well actually, it had ended earlier, but since I was still messing around with my beloved thesis, 
I could'nt guarantee it further.
But fret not...
I'm at the pinnacle of my study now. InshaAllah 
Environmental technology degree holder to-be

To be specific, I have just laser printed my finalized thesis copy to proceed with binding.
Fuh, lega sebab kerja-kerja mengedit thesis ini..mencabar
Format banyak lari-lari

Managed to get through 


It's over 
but I'm still here at UMT
AutoCAD Course - 30.6 - 17.7
NRIC (USM)       - 18.8 - 22.8

p.s : saya memang seorang yang "setia" sebab segala yang sudah berlaku tu yang Allah tunjukkan ialah perkara yang terbaik dalam hidup.

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  1. Alhamdulillah. Congrats for you kak! See you on ur covocation day! :)