...He found you lost and guided you (93:7)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

officially come to an END

Alhamdulillah a'la kullihal

I have finally ended my 1st degree study! 
Well actually, it had ended earlier, but since I was still messing around with my beloved thesis, 
I could'nt guarantee it further.
But fret not...
I'm at the pinnacle of my study now. InshaAllah 
Environmental technology degree holder to-be

To be specific, I have just laser printed my finalized thesis copy to proceed with binding.
Fuh, lega sebab kerja-kerja mengedit thesis ini..mencabar
Format banyak lari-lari

Managed to get through 


It's over 
but I'm still here at UMT
AutoCAD Course - 30.6 - 17.7
NRIC (USM)       - 18.8 - 22.8

p.s : saya memang seorang yang "setia" sebab segala yang sudah berlaku tu yang Allah tunjukkan ialah perkara yang terbaik dalam hidup.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Du'a List

Since Ramadan is just around the corner, I have decided to make a list of things to ask Allah (swt) so that I know what to make say when I sahur and  break fast and generally throughout my fasting days.InshaAllah And MOST important of all, so that I don't forget.inshaAllah. Incase if someone or stranger bumped/come across my mediocre blog, do supplicate for me as well. Or if I'm no longer here, someone out there will read the du'a for me.InshaAllah

My Dua List
Forgiveness for my major and minor sins.
Increase and strengthen my memory and faith
Bring me closer to Him and to the Ummah.
Grant me and my family a place in Jannah.
Protection from the Hellfire.
Protection from Syaitan and Syirik.
Grant me a righteous/loving Husband who will be good for my life, my religion, my hereafter
Guide my family,friends,lecturers,teachers. Show them the straight path.
Grant me good in this life and in the hereafter.
Bring the Ummah in unity.
Forgive our Brothers & Sisters in Islam and accept their Duas.
Make it easy for me to do world's tasks like Univeristy/work so that I can spend my time worshipping You.
Bless all the things that I choose to do in Your path and make it a success.
Grant me trustworthy/righteous female companions.
Preserve our teachers/Imams in Islam.
Answer the Duas of brothers and sisters at Syria, Rohingya, Palestin, Afganistan, Iraq and grant them the best in Jannah.
Protect me from all evil.
Protect my ears, eyes, nose and hands from evil.
Give me light, front, back, side, light.
Provide for me light in the Grave.
Allow me to die as a Muslim with La ilaha ilallah on my tongue just before my life is taken.
Bless those all around me, Bless all the Muslims I've spoken to in my life, Bless them with goodness.
Forgive us for all our shortcomings and insufficiencies in our good deeds..
Accept our prayers and disregard our mistakes and wrongdoings.
Rabbana wa taqabbal Du'a

...these are just a few, there's just so many things we need from Allah. The Dua list never ends.
Don't stop making Dua. Be CERTAIN that Allah will respond to every dua at the BEST TIME in the BEST WAY

 "Verily your Lord is Generous and Shy. If His servant raises his hands to Him (in supplication) He becomes shy to return them empty” (Ahmad)

~may We reach Ramadhan this year.amin ya Allah~

p.s : Nice talk by Mufti Menk on Supplication. Worth watching. MashaAllah.. membetulkan diri sendiri terutamanya utk bulan mulia ini. wallahua'lam

Monday, June 17, 2013

working sister

My sister had secure a job as an Assistant project manager in Sentul. That company was quite a distance away from our house at Keramat. So it makes me wonder on how does she go and return from work every day. In fact that for now, she doesn't have her driving licences yet ( well, that also includes me) plus, I understand that my Ayoh too wont be able to fetch her either. Hmm. not here in this dreadful weekdays jam in kl and Ayoh was from puterajaya then go to sentul. That will certainly be NO. Well, public transport sure seems to be an excellent alternative, but I know how hectic and pack the train is especially during peak hour. I have been experienced once during my foundation year as I used to go back home during weekends.

Out of my curiousity, we had a long conversation last night. She told me further about her daily route to work. From our house area, she took a rapid kl bus straight to setiawangsa lrt. Later, she transit from lrt to ktm at masjid jamek and went straight away to the last ktm route of sentul timur. To get to her company, she walked for another 15 minutes along a main road. The coolest thing is that, my sister even put on her sport shoes regardless of what attire she wear, in order to have comfort walk. I know that this wasn't a piece of cake to do but again, she knows that it is the sacrifice she made. Nowadays, job hunting is not really easy as it seems. To be offered with a job that suits our requirement is hard and to preserve it, is much tougher.

I was worried at the first place when she told me about that, but she convinced me that the main road was loaded with cars during the morning. In fact, to whom shall we put our whole dependency to?

we have Allah. 
As our saviour
As our protector
now and always

Somehow, as a weak minded servant, I could not avoid sympathy feelings I have towards my sister. Oh Allah. It's not like, I pampered my sister to have near job place,so that can come home early, as such. But I thought that the one that will be fetching her from lrt by 7 pm will be my Mok. I cant imagine how it will be for my Mok if in the future like four of us will be working around. Buying a so called anak-anak car is a solution, but not now when we have 4 of us still studying at higher institution. At least, when my sister build her career nearer, and she can use her first payment to buy herself a car, then she can explore working at some other place.

So again, with some reference from some friends, I helped her to take another round of job hunting within radius of wangsa maju and taman melawati. Alhamdulillah, out of four companies I found earlier, only one of the companies that doesn't have job vacancy.

InshaAllah, may Allah blessed our decision and helped us throughout the way. We work for it, so let Allah alone decide afterwards. 

Some calamity we faced is not as bad as we thought, sometimes Allah gave us as a present to always remember Him.