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Friday, July 6, 2012

Hadiah Allah

bismillahirrahmanirrahim & assalamualaikum

malam itu
diberkati seisinya
ada hadiah teristimewa dari Ilahi
hanya buat Rasul sejati
penawar tangsian hati

when it comes to Isra' & Mi'raj, first thing that pops out from our mind is about the reduction in amount of rakaah in prayer, from 55 ( eh ke 50 ea, confuse jap ) rakaah to 5 rakaah . And I'm sure this is a relieve & blessing to everyone of us. I mean like who can ever stand to perform solah 55 times a day? yang 5 rakaat ni pun, kadang-kadang solat hanya pada perbuatan, tanpa hadirnya hati.#jujurplease Plus, as the last  umat standing, we are totally capture in a world loaded with various challenges and distractions. Just take a look around, everything is reachable, entertainment, reality shows, dramas, games. Name it, with the single click of a mouse, this is just so possible. So with these such a thing, how can we be able to go through a day life with the rememberance of Allah? Because a quote once sounds :

" those who want to remember Allah ( concentrate ) in his/her prayer must remember Allah outside prayer as well"

A solah isnt valid without the presence of one's heart ( khusyuk). After all, remembrance of  Allah in daily life can be that easy like as when we do ANYTHING purely , lillahi ta'ala. ermm can ar? inshaAllah , ce cube & cube & cube...

I&M panel : IM Hassan , Ust Hanafie , Ustazah Nor Hafizah

So , as it was said by the 3 panels of the from the last talk I went regarding I&M, (Imam Muda Hassan, Ust Hanafie, and Ustzh Nor Hafizah) this was an event, none other but a special gift from Allah azzawajalla to our beloved Rasulullah (pbuh) to cure his broken heart. At that time, losing his beloved wife Sayyidatina Khadijah r.a and his uncle, Abu Mutallib in the same year does grieves him. Eventually, because he is the love of Allah, Allah presented to him a journey of I&M to entertain prophet Muhammad ( pbuh ).untungnya..

Exalted is He who took His Servant by night from al-Masjid al-Haram to al-Masjid al- Aqsa, whose surroundings We have blessed, to show him of Our signs. Indeed, He is the Hearing, the Seeing.
( Al - Isra' : 1)

That night , Gabriel welcomed Rasulullah (pbuh) to have a  ride on Buraq, a species of bird especially from Jannah travels faster than the speed of light. Together with Israfel, they travelled heading towards Jerusalem from Masjidil Haram, Mekah. Along the way, they've a stop at some of Islamic historical and sacred places and Gabriel insisted Rasulullah s.a.w to perform 2 rakaah sunaah prayer. These place includes ; Thaibah (Madinah, place where Hijrah will take place), Tursina Hill ( place where Moses receive revelation from Allah), Baitul - Laham ( place where Jesus was born).

In fact, Rasulullah s.a.w witnesses a series of visualisation of what shall happen to his ummah in the future. There are 13 events all. ( semuo tahu doh kan? hehe..klik sini neh, lagi detail )

Furthermore, according to Ustazah Nor Hafizah (whom I adore for her soft spoken voice giving talk at ikim.fm every friday) , there is a close relation between I&M and woman which is portrayed in the story of Masyitah, the Fir'aun daughter's comber . In fact, the hikmah lies in this story really touches me. Just imagine, she rather witnesses with her bare eye to let go her family members, starting with his beloved husband , thrown in a huge flaming fire. One by one was thrown yet she still uphold her stand that there are no other God as Allah. In the end, it's her baby turn,which still milk-feeding. Her stand was shaken, tears fall.  Feeling from a heart of a mother conquers that righteous woman. With Allah's will, her baby speaks and reminded her mother to hold on with her akidah. At last they were all syahid because of reluctant to approve Fir'aun as the Lord. Therefore, as a woman, we really need to have strong belief and faith to Allah and it is much important than anything else, even our family,kids,baby ( our??? inshaAllah,soon).  Ustazah also highlighted to  the woman to pay extra watch on their mouth.  Why mouth? Because this 'mouth' is the one used to utter rude words, bite bitting others. Rasulullah (pbuh) once cried after seeing many women occupiese hell. Hence Rasulullah ( pbuh ) encouraged woman to regularly  istighfar and charity to recover pass sins we've made ( yeah, this hit me hard! )

IM Hassan on the other hand stressed on why solah was chosen instead of other ibadah as the one to be revelation in that night. Plus, that was the time when Rasulullah ( pbuh ) quotes " Solah is the pillar of religion". Eventually, solah was the 1st thing that Allah will asked us in hereafter and that is the ibadah where we directly connected to Allah . Nothing needed, it's just between Allah and us. When I say "us" , it refers to our body plus soul (heart). Because no ibadah counts without the presence of heart.

This why Ust Hanafie said that a heart is the most-wanted spot by demon . Demon does'nt need our strong tough body to make us disobey Allah. Enough by controlling our heart, then everything will work. astaghfirullah. Thus, if we failed to instil our heart with knowledge of Islam and deeds , that is when we are heading towards destruction, following the whisperer of demon. He also shared most of his experiences dealing with problematic youth and current social issue. Indeed what he said is true regarding correlation between solah and behaviour. Actually, Ust Hanafie speech was superb lah. His sense of humour was an added point. He engaged well with the audiences, but I was the one weak enough to recall back his talk. Wrote few of them, just dont know how to write & share.hehe.

Hmm I guess that's all sharing session I got, for now.InshaAllah, hope some might gain something from my simple,writing here.

p.s : actually, I've been keeping this entry so long in draft. I&M  was in Rejab. Now, in the middle of Sya'ban. so let's pray that we can make it to Ramadhan, hoyeah!

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