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Thursday, May 31, 2012

dermalah seikhlasnya~

bismillahirrahmanirrahim & assalamualaikum

a picture paints a thousand word 

though I'm not always gonna utilize this facility (ambooi,silap hari bulan kahwin ngan org kelate,duk kelate,kene guno jgk :P)
yet I do want the BEST for my beloved mother land
and I really support every effort the MB put to accomplish this.
regarding this poster,
its not because they not afford to 
but they are offering us a one life opportunity to join them and do deed as well, by sedekah and wakaf.
hmm this is what I say "Islam untuk semua"
inculcating the spirit of Islam in every soul.
so what are you waiting for, let's make a move.just sedekah any amount you want, jangan risau org lain tak tahunye, hanya Allah jek tahu. No offence, selain oghe kelate,selain oghe hijau pun boleh wat jugok.anybody can la, lai lai lai :) amal jariah yang ikhlas,inshaAllah selagi highway to operate,selagi itu sampai pahala.inshaAllah..

hulurkan bantuan,tingkatkan saham di "sana"

wallahua'lam.peace ^_^

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