...He found you lost and guided you (93:7)

Monday, April 30, 2012


bismillahirrahmanirrahim & assalamualaikum

First and foremost I dont know la but all of sudden  I think I want to write something from what I've observed. Haha, konon cam share thoughts la. Rarely done this but I promise, one or two words then inshaAllah, I'll put a fulltop. ;)

Straightforwardly, I observed that most of the people I knew were transforming well than what they were 3 years back, as like they were luckily granted with hidayah. MashaAllah.What I meant by transform is yeah, it might not turn out to be absolute, but they're working on to become a better Muslim! Pardon me, I know, I'm not qualify to judge how people transform, but this is not judging, it's just the GOODness is well reflect! orang yang nak jadi baik,bile dekat rasa senang hati,kaan?  

 So,see how Allah works? He will guide people,who ever He wishes to. He, spread His mercy and compassionate to those He love. Therefore, we cant never ever,ever,ever underestimate how one's life will turn out to be. Today or yesterday, he/she might still wearing those skinny tight jeans with fancy colour baby t-shirt, and yes she might skipped her subuh solah everyday,  having such a relationship thingy but we will never can guarantee if one day, he/she repent and on that day Allah will forgive he/her for her ignorant and perhaps Allah might punish our for our arrogant. nauzubillah.

Yes, I know all of us,me as well, might have some timeline of "zaman gelap" of our own. But one's beginning is nothing compare to one's truly blissful ending which is more important. In the other word,known as Husnul Khatimah. Hats off to all of ya that is working, struggling and never loose hope in Allah. Seriously, these people inspires me as well ;)

Because of all of this, I'am totally disagree with "pendapat"s, like: drastic change is not good,only change the appearance not inside, drastic change is not IKHLAS and bla bla bla.. well think about this for a sec people, NOTHING in this life happens without Allah's order. Even pepasir dalam lautan pun takkan bergerak without His will. He is the One who control our Heart,Action, and if one's put effort to be better,He will surely guide. And remember one thing, He will never assess us beyond our capability. He'll test us with something that He knows we can endure. It just sometimes,comes with tears also.humm, Just believe, in every tears, He is there &  du'a is the weapon of piety Muslim. So lets keep working and striving guys, Congratulation to you and you :D

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


such in peace when remember Him
now and forever
trust me
there wont be another
the point of happiness
O Allah, the only You

in life
things never be that easy
have faith that He is near
and will always hear
what is in my prayer

just cling to Him,and He surely never leave

Tonight,ehh da a.m , I was touched by this quote :
"kita bangun qiamullail bukan sebab iman kita kuat, kita bangun qiamullail sebab nk kuatkan iman kita" (from a vid i've watched from a friend's fb just now)

p/s : it was 4.49 am and i just came back from a group work discussion. and alhamdulillah done with it, so now it's the time to prostrate to the One who "help" us to accomplish assignment td. Walaupun uzur ,ladies,zikir is always available, referring to the one who wrote this either.So come on, Allah loves it. please Allah and He'll please u. k tata