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Friday, May 13, 2011

what happiness means to me

   bismillahirrahmanirrahim & assalamulaikum :)

In life,sepanjang 21 thn hidup, I've figure out that I am the one who need to pursuit for happiness. I'm not saying that life being unfair to me as all of the things that happen is within His order. It is just as one of the lucky servant of Allah, He choose me to be tested with challenges in terms of this. I need to put an effort to seek for happiness in life.One of the thing that I wish when every time I woke up is the strength of iman and taqwa to cope with all His assessment for today and in the future for the sake of  my family's HAPPINESS.

  Happiness is subjective. Different people might have different definition of it. As for me, HAPPINESS is when I'm gather around with my family within Allah bless and rahmat. When all seven of us are together with Mok, spending the time enjoying life as we should. Be grateful with all the nikmat that were given to us. Alhamdulillah. All I can say is thank you Allah for tonight.Alhamdulillah.Alhamdulillah.Alhamdulillah. Only from You O Lord I bestow for forgiveness on behalf of my sibs and Mok and Ayoh. I have such a great time with them o Allah. I bet this will be a fond memory before Mok left us next week,to be Your guest at Baitullah.


 There was a time when one of my friend share this vid at fb when I was totally down at that moment.After viewing,playing the video, I was really touched by the tazkirah and burst out tears. Tears of ashame of myself for being such a weak when encounter His test. I'm a human being like others, with feelings. But O Allah with Your light and iman, guide me up to be strong. I need to be strong and from You I seek the strength.amin 

"syukur itu maqamnya lebih tinggi daripada sabar"

p/s: semoga Engkau pertemukanku dengan seorang yang boleh membuatku sentiasa tersenyum dalam mematuhi syariatMu.amin~

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