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Monday, May 9, 2011

What A Day..pheww~

bismillahirrahmanirrahim dan Assalamualaikum

this is a delay entry. Why did I say so? well actually, I purposely want to write about my first day of this semester break,the previous Saturday. Of course laa it's the happiest day in my life ( plus, I already withdraw from all db8 tournament ), yay!! and  FYI ,that first day was the longest day in my life. Why? So many things have happened in just that one fine day! And I treasure those every moment :)

5.08 am - Alhamdulillah.safely arrived @ Putra station. Those 6 hours journey was like a year travelling. How I wish to be home that quick. My mok picked me up since my Ayoh left for an outstation. This is a history because my mok never have the guts to ride this far. She used to ride around Gombak area, in the radius of my house only!

7.30 am - after having some chat with my mok and sibs and a compulsory Subuh prayer, I took a nap, a long, good one. Need to let all those journey tiredness fade away. So I think you can guess at what time I awake. hehe. dont want to mention it here. But I awake before noon keyh. Have good enough rest.

8.30 am - my Mok woke me up, telling me that she have some "homework" for me before she left for an Umrah workshop at Masjid As Sobirin. After I've settle those homework and off I go back to those dream I've made before.hehe My mok left with Mukhlis, my lil bro,also have to attend the school fair and he was soo eager to visit  Rumah Hantu.

3.00 pm -my Mok came back home alone. She's a bit pissed off because Mukhlis didn't wait for her at the gate he used to.Mok have waited for him since 12++pm, poor mok,she guessed that my lil bro still having fun playing around with his friends.Furthermore, he do asked Mok's permission to go to his friends sister birthday party at Ukay Bestari. But still Mok insisted him to be at school around twelve. I understand how tired my mok was, so when Mukhlis still playing around at that hour. Mok must've be exhausted. This morning she woke up before 5 and she even haven't had her lunch yet.huhu.

4.10pm -together with Mok, we've prepared some food for Sarah. Yup,next my Mok would  like to bring me ands sibs to pay a visit at Sarah's hostel because I haven't met Sarah yet. We've even neglected to have our lunch since we're running out of time.Must visit Sarah at the given visiting time.Thank goodness Sarah's school was at Sg Pusu, so its not that far. Mukhlis haven't even called Mok. I thought this time Mukhlis have gone off the limit. Actually mok planned to have lunch together, dine in somewhere but without Mukhlis, I think it was incomplete. Plus Mok is damn worried about him.Aduish, maen2 sampai tak igt umah lak die. Before going to Sarah's school, Mok drop by at Mukhlis's school , searching, but there is no sign of him. We ronda-ronda about 2-3 times around the school compound,looking for him, but hopeless, he's not there. Mok guess that maybe Mukhlis have gone somewhere else, to the AU4 Park and perhaps to Masjid AsSobirin with his schoolmates to continue their playtime till the evening =,=!

6.00 pm - back from visiting Sarah, we've plan to have our meals, but those anxiety keep rushing down in Mok bloodstream. I know how worrried my Mok was. So, again put aside about meals and again we search Mukhlis at the school compound. And still, he was untraceable. As Ayoh reached home that evening, mok split out with Ayoh for the searching part. At that moment , keadaan kat skola dah lenggang sikit, yela tadikan ade school fair kan, agak kelam kabut dengan macam2 gerai. Suppose all students were home at that time, but no signs of Mukhlis. Abelong and Jay begun to pissed off whereas Jah,Najah and me were deadly worried.

7.18 pm- we search for Mukhlis all over the place. From his school back to Masjid As Sobirin,then to AU4 Park, to his friends house but hopeless. My Mok try to reached him from his birthday party friend in case if Mukhlis was still at his house, but when everytime Mok's called, a little girl hung it up. Mok even didnt have the chance to ask her. As she was too small ( around five, i guess) and beware from stranger call, I thought. lol!! Maghrib arrived and still we're on the road with hope.My stomach begun to sing the song of hunger, but I sympathy for Mok more.huhu so if she can hold on,so does I!

7.40 pm- we dropped by at Masjid Al Hidayah to perform Maghrib prayer. With full of hope, we pray and bestow to Allah that Mukhlis is fine. I've started to worry so much. From cases of missing children  that I know, many things can possibly happen, Mok was like reading my mind,thinking the same thing. But never lose hope from Allah's help. This is a challenge to justify our faith.Hold on Mok!

8.00 pm - got the phone call from Ayoh informing that Mukhlis have safely arrived home, bringing along some birthday goodies. His friend's mother have send him back home. Alhamdulillah, what a relief I thought. All those horrified, terrible flash forward thingy dissipates from me.Luckily Ayoh doesn't scolded him ( I wish that wont happen either.fuuh) . But one more thing that play in my mind, I mean a kindly, wise reminder at the mother, kalau betol la nak sangat birthday party anak die happening, kenape la tak nak inform dulu kat mak ayah budak nak "pinjam" anak bawa pegi party. At least if she infrom ape2, tak de la havoc camni. But well, let bygone be bygone. It happened. What is more important that Mukhlis is fine and Mok cheer back.

8.45 pm - alhamdulillah, hajat untuk makan ramai2 ( exclude ayah and Sarah ) was granted!I pekene oriental chicken chop and choco ice blended at Kafe Fatehah. The food was superb and sumptuous! double thumbs up! Lunch + dinner, you can guess how my craving works.hehe It's been ages since I ate food at Kl.lol!!.ye la kan, lame bebenor tak balik umah. Alhamdulillah.alhamdulillah.alhamdulillah

It was a tiring day I can admitted yet adventurous one. Hehe. but I wish not to have repetition on it. Mukhlis missing is something that I cant imagine and without him drive me and Mok and everyone crazy. The baby of my family. Kakak sayang  Mukhlis tau! It gonna be 4 months holiday, unknown day and experiences awaits me, ya Allah please lighten my burdens and ease my steps. I vow to make this break the best break ever. I wanna be good to all and fix the bad in me.aiming for a better Najwa.amin :)
to be with family is the zenith of happiness :)

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