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Friday, March 4, 2011

~inspiring talk for a thirsty soul~

bismillahirrahmanirrahim and assalamulaikum

Weekend had come to an end,which means I need to encounter another busy week. Btw guys, on this sunny,slumberous Saturday evening I would love to share some fillings. I've found this event talk by Sheikh Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam Al-Kawthar on youtube via Deenport.com. This talk was held at University of Liverpool in conjunction with the welcoming dinner for freshmen and surprisingly non muslim students were also there! [ kat dinner diorg ade ceramah agama subhanAllah,kat u kite,time dinner,ade ape ea.teett. ;)
My first impression when I rolled in the vid was the clear and precise words he used in conveying his speech,so it was well understandable. Even though,in  most of the part of his talk was related with medicine and Islam but it doesnt matter what field we are in, to seek knowledge is the obligation of all muslims.Likewise, in learning environment, I found out that there are too many things that I've learn so far that is well related with Islam. Hydrology,about the science of water,meteorology,science of atmosphere, and etcetera.And subhanAllah, when you enjoy learning, you'll will open your eyes to the wonders and magnificent of Allah's creation. Believe me, when you feel it, there is no way you think assignment,test,quiz is a burden for you because you'll try to do your best in understanding what you've learn as an act worship to Allah.

Enlightening inputs on his seven advises for students was inspiring me. It an one hour talk,so 
lets sit back and relax. Hope you enjoy your listening,inshaAllah it is beneficial for us to ponder. zaazz,layan :)

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