...He found you lost and guided you (93:7)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

PNC 2011: a precious experience from Allah

bismillahirrahmanirrahim & assalamualaikum

my desktop clock was ticking about 3 am in the morning and that W.O.W effect that a hot cup of Nescafe affected me soo well. I dont feel slumber at all but a bit dizzy. Well last nite, I've went through storms and rain to get to Auditorium Mahyuddin FPE to witnesses the PNC 8th debate finale. The truth is, hehe I just want to know my team verdict . After all, we've made it till semi-final, and ok what.Still got the potential to get 4th or 3rd place and with open heart,we accept what ever was meant for us




all praises to Allah 


for the second time I participated PNC, alhamdulillah get the chance to merase la dpt piala tempat ke-3


and the prizes are

 a 4GB pendrive and a motivational book. ok la kan after all we're not after the prizes but the satisfaction and the most important is the teamwork spirit that we've inculcate throughout the tournament right guys ?


and...jeng..jeng..jeng.this is my Entech debate team. Both of BM and English team won the 3rd prize. and surprisingly, all of them were my freshman. I was the only senior to participate this debate for Entech team.No wonder I look "fresh" as well :)

credit to my teamates: Faraheen, Bob, and Sam  for the hardworking,supportive times we've been through. I'll cherished  the moment we've spent together that day.may Allah bless all of ya.amin 

kerana Allah yg telah melancarkan tutur bicaraku,segalanya milikMu

Sunday, March 27, 2011

bile rindu

bismillahirrahmanirrahim dan assalamualaikum

alhamdulillah. hari ni masih lagi bernafas di bumi Allah.
alhamdulilllah masih punya umur untuk beribadah kepadaNya
alhamdulillah hari ni masih lagi punya mok ayoh yang menyanyangi diri
alhamdulillah, hari ni masih punya abelong,Ja, Jay, Najah,Sarah,Mukhlis sebagai adik-beradikku
alhamdulillah masih lagi punya sahabat yang memahami dan menyayangi diri
alhamdulillah hari ni Allah membantuku menjawab test water treatment tadi



nikmat Allah yang manakah yang ingin kamu dustakan

Allah Maha Baik

merancang yang terbaik buatku

hamba yang tidak punya tempat bergantung melainkanMu

masa terlalu pantas

terlalu singkat untuk menghitung yang tiada, tidak dipenuhi

hargailah yang masih ada..

alhamdulillah, terima kasih ya Allah utk segalanya. Selama 21tahun 18 hari melalui detik2 bersama mok ayoh,adik-adik yang membahagiakanku.limpahkan segala kasih sayangMu dan rahmatMu keatas mereka di dunia dan akhirat..amin.

*homsick mood :( *
ost : i'll be,edwin mc cain

Friday, March 4, 2011

~inspiring talk for a thirsty soul~

bismillahirrahmanirrahim and assalamulaikum

Weekend had come to an end,which means I need to encounter another busy week. Btw guys, on this sunny,slumberous Saturday evening I would love to share some fillings. I've found this event talk by Sheikh Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam Al-Kawthar on youtube via Deenport.com. This talk was held at University of Liverpool in conjunction with the welcoming dinner for freshmen and surprisingly non muslim students were also there! [ kat dinner diorg ade ceramah agama subhanAllah,kat u kite,time dinner,ade ape ea.teett. ;)
My first impression when I rolled in the vid was the clear and precise words he used in conveying his speech,so it was well understandable. Even though,in  most of the part of his talk was related with medicine and Islam but it doesnt matter what field we are in, to seek knowledge is the obligation of all muslims.Likewise, in learning environment, I found out that there are too many things that I've learn so far that is well related with Islam. Hydrology,about the science of water,meteorology,science of atmosphere, and etcetera.And subhanAllah, when you enjoy learning, you'll will open your eyes to the wonders and magnificent of Allah's creation. Believe me, when you feel it, there is no way you think assignment,test,quiz is a burden for you because you'll try to do your best in understanding what you've learn as an act worship to Allah.

Enlightening inputs on his seven advises for students was inspiring me. It an one hour talk,so 
lets sit back and relax. Hope you enjoy your listening,inshaAllah it is beneficial for us to ponder. zaazz,layan :)