...He found you lost and guided you (93:7)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

owh no!

bismillahirrahmanirrahim & assalamualaikum
peace to be upon all of you :)

currently I am counting my days back, which I prefer not to count it but still must! (need to  get the tickets ready earlier )Mid term break had nearly come to an end.Well, as usual ,I've spent much of my time  mingling around,with my lil sis and bro and my beloved mok at some mall nearby. I never thought it's a waste of time, because every second I spent with them counts and my mind captured all those precious moment together as a fine memories. Totally in the cloud nine :)

obviously, my mok is a well -known cikgu at her school of Sek.Men. Keb Taman Melawati. ( student seems to love my mok too), so it is a normal for all of us to bumped with some of her acquaintance,anak murid,or her former anak murid when we go for a walk.Ok, so this is the best part.when everytime my mok bumped with her "cikgu"mate all of the "daughters" are around, so Mok introduce us one by one. I bet my mok was so proud to have beautiful,lovely daughter like us with her.Then come this one of my Mok's friend:

"anak k.ros ke ni ? ( with dat HUGE ques mark on her face) alaa.. da mcm mok die"

"ni adik ke anak kak ros?"

that's it. I'm not offended but a bit shocked. Do I really look sooo mature.OLDD??Owh no. This is totally unexpected. Biologically, I got some one month ++  on the run before I'm officially reach 21 yr old! yeah I know that I look a bit mature but I never taught of being look alike as as mother..ooowhh nooo.

wait Najwa!


lets think on the brightside
maybe I have that motherhood character,am I :)
inshaALLAH if it is.glad to be one.

p/s: indeed, patience are closely correlate with one's iman &takwa


  1. kak najwa..
    mak akak 2 yang awet muda...hehe...

  2. aah mgkn camtu yana.dan akak awet tue.hehe..
    xdelah.inshaAllah disblik hardship yg dilalui seorang ibu, terpamer keindahan diwajah seorang ibu:)