...He found you lost and guided you (93:7)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

a walk to remember

it was one fine sunny day. As ayoh drove heading back home from johor, silence covered the atmosphere in the car.It's normal that way as ayoh doesn't prefer to hear music while driving. Thus, drives all of us slumber and asleep.But as for me, like usual, I took this chance to stay awake. Looking outside and witnesses the greenish view of tress along the highway.subhanaAllah, it was wonderful. This is one the thing I love to do when travelling. I mean as I was the passenger and not the driver, that is why I can take this activity as my fav. ^^

Seeing things upon His creation, I was awe by the beauty of nature. Have you ever wonder that trees and plant with various sort of type and sizes, all of them were made by same content. we've repeatedly learnt this photosynthesis process but had our learning successfully make us conscious to relate this with the greatest in Him? Ponder it for a while. This might be one of the things we seems to forget.looking things with our eyes and heart.same goes to the one who are typing this.huhu

As I was looking outside, drown in the beauty of nature,suddenly I saw something. Something that make my yarn at Pasum spinning around my head. Spins so fast as my heart beat. A walk to remember.That something touches me well.Only Allah and my soulmate knows.What's for sure..Hoping is a good thing, praying is much better.

Istajib du’a ana ya Allah

Photobucket forgive me O Allah...


  1. pray to Him dear..He know all the things in ur deep heart even when u whisper..insyallah...=)

  2. inshaAllah dear..=)
    i'll never quit from praying but when the time come, I'll get what I need instead of what I want.assure that it's the best