...He found you lost and guided you (93:7)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

bye-bye Jay ♥


it been 2 days since you've gone.We all do missed you so much Jay especially Mukhlis.
 No more laughs or jokes from you. 

 But I know that your "gone" is for good. It was destined for you.
This is your first time away from family
college life might be alien to you
but sooner you'll use to it=)
 I will always pray that you can make it in your studies and campus life as a student in Dip in Banking and Management @ UiTM Pahang.=)
 Indeed, this might be your second chance, so struggle for the best keyh!
our prayer ( Mok,Ayoh,kakak,abelong,Jah,Najah,Sarah & Mukhlis) will always be with you.

good luck Jay!
reminder2 for JAY:
ayoh: jage waktu solat dan solat tiap2 waktu kat masjid, jangan mendekati rokok dan berkawan dgn perokok
mok: makan cukup2 taw. 3kali sehari semalam
Abelong: nak belaja banking gune calculator je:)
Jah: join la IMAD ( persatuan agama Islam UiTM) :P
Najah: kim salam kat Korea.hik3
Sarah: belaja tol2.jangan duk usha2 gewe.
Mukhlis: I'm not crying (isk3)
kakak: =)

Photobucket forgive me O Allah...

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