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Monday, December 6, 2010

1432 Hijrah

bismillahirrahmanirrahim & assalamualaikum

happy Hijrah New Year everyone.It 1432H now! have you make any resolution for this new year? Whatever it is, hopefully this year will be much better than before keyh. Praise to Allah for giving us this golden opportunity to step in this new year. A new year means a new chances and time for us to improve our faith yet the reality is our age grew shorter.

Together, lets look back at that previous year, reflect ourselves back, have we did well in our prayer?living?deeds? well, lets change from poverty to riches.Rich with money.(that could be one, so u can upgrade your fund habit) Lets enrich ourselves with knowledge.rich with courtesy.rich with noble value. Rotate ourselves from laziness to diligence.diligence in reciting al Quran, diligence in reading lect notes and the most important is diligence in prostate to Allah. If last year we only recite al Quran once a day, let's make it twice a day.If last year we often talk about others achilles heel  substitute it by talking about their deeds.How cool is that?

I do understand well that to make a change needs a LOT of sacrifice as well as patience. Even I have my own darkside experience, mashaALLAH. pitch dark one. But if not now then when will you change? One thing I bare in mind that death awaits no man. It is not the "death" that I'm afraid of, its the day of Judgement where I am nothing without Allah's love and syafaat.

 You cannot direct the wind but you can adjust the sails.
my resolutions for 1432H:
  1. i wanna upgrade my prayer concentration
  2. improve my religion knowledge, i dont know that much yet 
  3.  i wanna be a pious servant,daughter,kakak,friend.
  4.  i wanna be a strict tender girl (i dont want to give any chances to those who are trying to step on my head anymore!)
  5.  i dont want to mengumpat2 about others
  6.  i wanna lower my gaze from forbidden things
  7.  less conversing on nonsense thing
  8. many more....just cant figure it out right now ( see! its hard to list down your own badness, but its easy to talk on others..mashaAllah )
i'm bad.totally bad. so help me change my friend. I am coated with weakness and sins. I need all of you to give me one more chance to change.For those who are reading this, please pray that I change ya.I may not be perfect but to be one,it is worth to try. may Allah bless all of us ..wallahulam, ma'asalamah~

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  1. najwa!! dah lame tak datang blog najwa ni... salam maal hijrah, jangan nakal2 ye.. ^_^