...He found you lost and guided you (93:7)

Friday, September 10, 2010


melody in de air : debu-debu dosa & rumahku syurgaku
by: Hijjaz

just be a lil bit patient najwa.
dont ever spoil de raya mood .
please hold on.
everyone is glee.
mukhlis is de happiest one.
each time the takbir goes
"mukhlisin na lahuddin"
he'll be proud of his name.
so do i.
gather with sibs and cousins
are the greatest moment of all.
but yet
i cant lie.
i miss someone..
everytime i heard takbir.
in the radio,tv.
it reminds me of him
so does mok.
i can read it from her face.
from the way she talk.
i wish i have Doraemon with me.
to grant me with a time machine.
fantasy and reality will never be de same.
Allah is here najwa.
He never fails you.
He will not test beyond human capability
iyyakanakbuduwaiyya ka nasta3in
Just dont give up
Never stop praying.
for the better in the end.

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