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Monday, September 6, 2010

choco chips cookies..any0ne?

I have a superb day today.well, I would greatly ( a pinch of gladness ;p)present to you my finest home made chocolate chips cookies!!! credit to my three lil angels, Jah,Najah & Sarah plus my lovely bubly mok for helping me dealing for the portion of ingredients. This was my first trial, well I've baked some before, but just by helping my mok with some side work. But today, I've managed to made one all by myself!! pretty cool huh. and the feedback? Kinda postive. Obviously seen from the reaction of my sibs when having it during the breaking fast just now. I manage to fill my sweet cookies in two cookie jar,pretty much but i knew it that it wont last too long. Not too long till de Eid al-Fitri celebration i guess.hihi.

the ingredients..take note ya

make sure its fluffy enough

dough ready..
choco chip cookie in making...yay..almost done =)

tadaaaaaa!! tggu berbuke dlu=)

whoops, wipe ur saliva guys, am I triggering ur appetite? hihi.. so why dont you guys out there try some. Forget to tell u guys that for the recipe, I got it from my mok. Her expertise is undeniable, such an incredible mother of mine!!..wallahulam~

pas mkn jadilah  COOKIE MONSTER!!!!


  1. salam~
    anda dengan ini diarahkan ngan sgale hrmatnya untuk menghadiahi beta chocochip yang sedemikian rupe.ngeh3.:)

  2. hebat kawan teman ni...da boley bukak kedai da nih..tp sebelum 2 kne bg teman taste dulu la baru boley d'pasarkan ..hihi..=)

  3. ain: ish tmn ni bru novice baker..sikit2 tu boley laa smpai nk bukak kdai,hik2..nati2 laa..tmn nak sgt post kat mum..huhu..=)