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Sunday, September 12, 2010

1 Syawal~ reminder


Alhamdulillah all praises to Allah for giving me chances once more to celebrate Eid with my beloved,precious family. Along the Eid eve's , takbir was heard everywhere.as for me,Eid atmosphere begun as early in the dawn, during Subuh, where Mok reminds us to niat mandi sunat Eid. as usual, after done with solat sunat Eid, all of our family members ( on my Mok's side) gather at Mamatok's house. Meeting up with my cousins which were my closest childhood friend, playground mates and we're so close till now. that day was totally full of excitement.  Ye laa bile semue dah besa2, and masing2 goes to their on way, own uni, own life, so it kinda hard to meet up in one place like this.Eid is a day of gathering and forgiving. Bila ramai2 camni, with laughter fill the air, it suddnly reminds me of the moment where we used to grouped and go to one house to another, collecting duit raya. That's when the time I was kecik2 la. then we managed to have duit raya up to beratus2 ringgt like that ( paling tggi pun rm2** je kot)

so bila Eid ni, one of the thing that I love to highlighted or i mean i luv to observe is the garment .People who are updated with the latest fashion must have their own attraction for this red letter day, rite. fOr women la i mean. Guys, maybe a few of them.Because women loves beautiful clothes ( me too) and Eid is the most suitable day to wear the Best,THE CREAM oF CREAM cloth. well i know that we are encourage to do so but just a little bit of sharing, Islam have their own guidelines for women in wearing garment. Because were muslims, and reminding one and another is a must , kan2? 

those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.
(al asr-3)

well, the guidelines are so easy.
first, make sure your clothes covers your aurat, as meet up the standardised by syari'at.
what is our aurat then?
i think most of us da bljar ni dari seusia jagung lagi.
kat Pasti/tadika/tabika and etc.kan?
it covers all parts of our bodies except our face and the palm hand.
covers your head with scarfs, and lowered it till the lower part of your breast height.
a friendly reminder.
scarfs that did not cover your lower part of your breast height, is not MENUTUP AURAT..
take note of that ya.
cause many of us didnt notice that

cantik kan bila menutup aurat;)
wear socks or sarung kaki to covers the part of your feet.
i've heard in a ceramah once.
Ust Azhar Idrus said that.
it does not necessary to wear socks.
as long as u know your feet is well covered.
its fine then.

And tell the believing women to reduce some of their vision and guard their private parts and not expose their adornment except that which [necessarily] appears thereof and to wrap [a portion of] their headcovers over their chests and not expose their adornment
(an nur-31) 
2nd of all, try not to wear tight  and transparent clothes.
as it may show off your body shape and all the "humps" a.k.a ASSETS that  u have. it is highly recommended to wear dull colour of garment such as  black,gray,dark green,dark blue,brown ( luckily i love brown, take note ya :)
avoid from wearing colourful, over decorated garments to keep away us from being tabarruj. Nauzubillah..
to add.
do not spray on perfume to your garment especially if u r going out,except at house where being  accompanied by husband:)
sahabat ksyngn in her solat garment :)
is it too smelly of u that u need to wear those perfumes desperately?
my statement is  excluded for those who are indeed a MUST to  put some fragrance on for certain excuses.
avoid from over make-up"ing" yourself with those thick flashy lipstick and bunch of foundation, and mascara . 
eventually.i'm so in support of with my  natural beauty where it doesnt cost u to pay  too much.

so.its simple right? yet to be a great muslimah still need a LOTs , abundant of sacrifices rite? sometimes me also done some mistakes .need to improve myself so well  But never give up in hoping for the best from Allah .Most Merciful,Most Gracious


  1. thanx a lot 4 da advice dear..insyallah i will always bear in my heart n mind..(ehm..nice pic...=))

  2. :) inshaALLAH ain sayang..
    same2 kite jdi wnita solehah inshaAllah neh mum :x
    nway, i really love the 2nd pic so much