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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Amazing TRIP to Tasik Kenyir (2)

its a quater to 3am and i am still awake. Maybe the power of  Nescafe ice that I drank past 4 hours still taking its effect to my body systems. And thank goodness the WiFi are seems to be quite nice to me:) coherently smooth so I can get my fingers on my lappy and continue with my babbling. Babbling? Nope just wanna continue with my nostalgic journey to Tasik Kenyir. Others also go there, but you seems to be so overexcited Najwa.  and I dont give a damn. This is my first experience and I'm so happy with it.
well i really wanna share my exhilarate moment but for now, let the pictures speaks ya...

Tasik Kenyir..yay!

chalet kami

de island

pokok kuar darah..eeuuww

subhanaAllah..cantik kan..

proudly presents,our TOK PENGHULU..[highlight de UMT there;)]

pokok Petaling..baru thu Petaling is a82ly a tree

naga Tasik Kenyir

de jetty

jungle trakking 

explore de beauty of nature

alhamdulillah, i really enjoyed this superb program. Instead of making new friends,and experience I've gained, what matter most is that I am able to gain awareness in protecting the environment. ALHAMDULILLAH


p/s:all photos @ Tasik Kenyir belongs to Puan Shila, thanks Puan for de nice snap =)

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