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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Amazing TRIP to Tasik Kenyir (1)

'subhanallah' thats de only words that spurts from my mouth when I witnesses the picturesque beauty of nature @ Tasik Kenyir. Luckily, Allah choose me out of every other students to represent my course for a camp,namely known as Kempen Kesedaran Alam Sekitar, (KEKAS) a 3 days 2 nite camp at this terrific Tasik Kenyir. Organized by Department of Environment (DOE) Terengganu, a part from me, also included 9 other students from 3 other environ- related course, such as Biodiversiti( Ihsan Alwi,Rohaida,Izzat Fahmi), Analytical & Environmental Chemistry (Kai Ling, Aiman,Ash) and my coursem8 too (Kawa, Kak Fatty, and Azman). We have such a wonderful time together, creating a new ukhwahfillah among us. oh, not to forgotten , a HUGE special appreciation to Puan Shila for keeping us, ur beloved naughty students along the way accompany.muahx..thanks a lot Mummy . I just cant imagine, how naughty we will be if you were'nt there( xpcially Ash ;p).

pengembaraan bermula
The bus departed from UMT compound around 3 pm after the guys have done with their Jumaat prayer. I thought it was gonna be a one way trip, later on, I was informed that all of the camp participants all over Tgnu need to assembled at DOE first. There, after done with some registration, all of us headed to Tasik Kenyir which is +/- about 88 km from Kuala Trgnu. Along de way, as usual, I really love to stay awake rather than sleeping, I just love to have a look at the trees,the roads. And I do aware that to go there, we were passing a town called Kuala Berang. It makes me wonder, how on earth can a lake be at k.berang? Well particularly, K.Berang is so called a hulu place in Trgnu. One boggling question, kept in mind. Then, as the journey further continued, I started to feel dizzy, and may ears hurt, as like we're passing on a hill, and then I realized that our bus was a very sharp cliff of a hill!! 2nd boggling question came ahead, how can a lake be on a hill??? I saw the signboard of warm welcoming to Tasik Kenyir, and no doubt, I was totally excited to get a view on it. How does this Tasik Kenyir looks like? well, what I only know, it is one of the largest man made lake.but I didnt know it was on a hill!!subhanaAllah

one step ahead to Tasik Kenyir
sharp cliff *thrill*
@ de jetty (Ash was on my right)

not ended yet?
 Alhamdulillah, after about 2.5 hours of journey, the bus safely made it to the Tasik Kenyir:).at first, I thought it will the 'arrive' spot, where I just cant wait for some rest. But then, we were asked to gather at the jetty near by. I was like, wondering. Where are we going? Really going..is this not the end of de trip yet??jetty?? ok. got that, we're going to have a cruise on a boat!! yay!! Despite of the tiredness, one of our UniM8s, Ash really curved the smile on me. Her cheerful,energetic character really cheer me and the others. She was totally friendly, and nice.
our journey continues with river, ehh nope the lake cruising . I am not sure where we're heading for but whats for sure we're gonna have a stay at one of T.Kenyir small island. and of course la in a chalet. I guess.hihi. The lake cruising was splendid, great!! Subhanallah, the air was suam-suam, the azure lake water, the beauty of nature really pampered me. After a week of hectic life as a student, to be there was such a holiday,releasing stress gateway. Alhamdulillah, this was all given by Allah.

mist all oveR!

..cepatlaa smpai(T_T)

alhamdulillah, finally we reached the destination. I was totally exhausted at that time. No lunch and a long trip, can you imagine how can it be. After some briefing, all of us were allowed to go to our rooms, but actually we were placed in a medium dorm, enough for 20 females participants. I thought the dorm was only a throw of stone but, it was about hundred meters away.  (+/- 90meter laa:)).  and to get there, we need to go up and down the hill, since that island we're standing isnt an island at all. According to the officer there, all of the island at T.Kenyir was the pinnacle of a hill that doesnt submerged when the water was pumped to makes this lake. We really forcing ourselves out to get to our rest place. absolutely,totally tired, yet fun.

 our first xtvt begins after having a splendid dinner. We we're divided into groups, for some LDK xtvt.So sad because I've separated with my UniM8s, so we're going to encounter unknown peoples.But neva mind la, can make new friends, rite?  Like usual, done some ice breaking among the groups members, and ya my groups was automatically named KUDA. what a name, and what a coincidence that my team leader was a crazy mind guy, Mamu ( till de end, i dont know his real name;P)  so it suits well with my team name. the first xtvt we've done was playing BOOM. It was one of de effective way to engaged with group cooperation since that games really need a full commitment from all group members.It really works out in order to create easy environment among us who just knew each other.

-----> to be continue..really slumber ..see ya =)


  1. ~~such a wonderful trip dear...beznye mum nnti kena bawak teman g sane..i really want to enjoy da beauty of "tasik kenyir"~~

  2. hepi dia crite..hehe..I'm waiting 4 the part 2..

  3. ain~ inshaALLAH mum ..ade pluang kite gi same2, bnyk kan rncngn kite..gi umrah same2, gi tasik knyir same2...hihihi

  4. tasnim~ part 2,coming soon...wait ya..:)