...He found you lost and guided you (93:7)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

MOK~missing you..

i just cant stop my tears . by the time i heared her voice, slowly answering my call , i knew she was totally tired. Vividly shown by the breath she took, like she had run a thousand mile just to get my call. I had cancelled my intention of expressing my problems i am facing right now . I really dont want to add my burden to her shoulder. Enough with the problem at home that she have to face it all alone. Without me.
During my semester break, I 've witness how exhausted you are. Sending  Sarah and Najah to tuition class, and fetch them up, it was totally tiresome . I couldnt do anything except by keeping you company when everytime you're out. I know, to have my own car licence it not reasonable. There are many important things to care of. Pay Najah's and Sarah's tuition fee, buying household items but I just cant seeing you that way mok.
 I just hope that I one day I can do something for you. Something that you always wanted in your life. You've sacrifice everything for me and my siblings. Your deeds are priceless Mok. InshaAllah, I really hope I  gain triumph in my studies, earn some good salary and have enough money to pay your trip to Mekah. You always wanted to go there , right? Hopefully, we'll go there together mok.
For now, do believe that Allah will always be there for you. He will never leave you. I truly miss you Mok. Kakak sayang mok..
Wait for me for the up coming holiday ya. I really missed the moment I spent with you.

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