...He found you lost and guided you (93:7)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

repentance of a slave

I am sorry Allah,
I know I did so much.
I know my sins are so huge
I know I didn’t follow the prophet’s footsteps as I should,
I know you’re the only one to help me and keep my secrets,
But I still ask people’s help and give out my secrets,

You gave me health and I am wasting it,
You gave me wealth and I am saving it,
You gave me parents but am not treating them as I should be,
You gave me time and I am not using it wisely,
I know I am always not doing enough..

But I always know that you are the Most- Forgiving
I also know that you are the Most- Merciful.
I know that you are the Most-Loving.
I pray hoping that you will accept.
I fast hoping that I did it right,
I worship knowing that I am never doing enough.
I worship you upon Hope, Love and Fear.
Forgive me Allah!
I ♥ you

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