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Monday, May 24, 2010

happy 47th birthday mok

the time is so fast as the blink of my eyes. I still remember how you used to help me with my homework during my primary school. You play dolls with me, and today, you are now 47 years old mok. Those old days remain as one of the sweetest memories that I have with you. Wrinkles on your face look so obvious now mok, yet your fair complexion is still undeniable.You look much prettier mok.Inner and outer beauty of you mok still vividly present.

Thank you mok for always be by my side.
You are the only best friend that I have.
You're the best supporter.
You're the best listener.
You're the best chef. 
You're the best in everything I have mok

I am sorry mok, I cant afford to give you any expensive present, because you deserve much more than I can give. But inshaALLAH, I'll buy an English cotton baju kurung, your fav one ;) it doesnt pay all you're tiredness and deeds in bringing me up, but hope you'll accept my little gift mok. And last nite was the most wonderful nite, that me and my siblings have. It's not so called 'party' but its kind of a reminder for your birthday mok. Having splendid secret recipe, choc indulgences really cheer you up. I know you were happy last nite. Though ayah is not there, you still have us ,rite mok? I vow to myself to always be a pious daughter of yours, and I will try my best to make a curve on your face. Love you mok Rahanat Abdul Kadir till the end .Thank you Allah for giving me her as a part of life.

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  1. entri ni is specially dedicated to my beloved mother :)