...He found you lost and guided you (93:7)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Astaghfirullahalazim..thats the only word that spurts from my mouth. I really wish that if could rewind the time and erase this memory. It was such an awful thing that happen in my life . hatred overwhelmed me as I remembered what happen to me last Sunday. Sometimes, I feel like crying even if I thought of that horrible experience. O Allah I beseech Your Forgiveness for my eyes for seeing sinful things.

That day, it was 10 a.m in the morning, as I was preparing myself for the upcoming class, I saw one of my roommates were extremely passionate watching scary movies. It was obviously shown from the screams she made during the suspend parts. I just smiled when seeing her that way. It just giggles me to saw people screaming when watching horror movies. As like those horrority were going to haunted them in the real life afterwards(even though it goes th same for me). Well, it’s a norm for someone to have inquisitive in something. I just wanna know, what movie she watched that drives her madly scared. Before I waved goodbye a steps out from out from the door, I asked her about the movie. With full of excitement she said she will gave me after I came from class. Without any doubt, I answered, “Okey”

I never thought that my “okey” was one steps left for me to do a sin that I never done before. A sin that tortures me , in the future. O Allah, I’m a weak slave of Yours, with Your affection please forgive me for what I’ve done yesterday, today and the day after.

I just cant write anymore… it hurts me to remind of this..O Allah please forgive me..

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